Discovery Day

In November, Borton held its annual Discovery Day.

Two students looking at a map

Borton’s annual Discovery Day is a day for students to explore Borton’s natural environment with the help of our community. Students rotate through stations facilitated by community groups, parents, UA students and teachers.

Two rangers presenting

Rangers from Saguaro National Park.

Ranger holding grizzly bear skull

A grizzly bear skull

Students sampling healthy fruit

Healthy food

Students with surveying equipment


Student on hoverboard

A hoverboard from the UA Physics Department.

Student holding a millipede with a plastic spoon

A millipede

Student looking at madagascar hissing cockroach

A Madagascar hissing cockroach

8 students balancing on a beam

Teamwork on a teeter totter

Students touching a desert tortoise

A desert tortoise

Students feeling a king snake

A king snake

Girl holding a king snake